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I’m a guest on Scandalous Beauty Podcast ☺️

Hello Beauties:

I’m so honored to be todays guest on the Scandalous Beauty podcast.. Hosted by Erin Baynham, Scandalous Beauty Podcast is a makeup and beauty audio show that features interviews and commentary from top artist and Influencers in the industry, with beauty news and product reviews by Erin herself.  

With past guests like Sam Fine, Nicky Posley, Billy B, Olivia Jade and more, to be asked to give my 2 cents on scalp and hair care was amazing...

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below and let me know what you think?

Scandalous Beauty

As a THANK YOU for listening, I’m offering 10% off my Hair Beautiful Hair Care line. Just type promo code SCANDALOUS in the promo area when ordering. 

Happy Hair and remember, 

“The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health”


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