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The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health??

My tag line for my business is "The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health" but what does that mean? To me it means Health is the center to beautiful hair. In my opinion everyone has great hair (YES YOU HAVE GREAT HAIR!!!), there are just some hair that needs alittle more love than others, regardless of your hairs texture.

A well balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables and WATER are important to your hair and scalp health. As a cosmetologist, I can tell ALOT about your hair just by touching it. I know if you're not drinking enough water by how dry the scalp and hair feels. I know if you're taking medication by how thin and fragile their strands are. Being able to know these things is why I think hair (and my job) so amazing.

Below I put together a list of the 10 best foods for healthy hair. Adding a few of these to your diet regularly will help improve your tresses. In addition to your daily application of Hair Beautiful Stimulating Serum. I will create another post for those who are vegetarians and vegans (like me)

Salmon protein, Omega-3 Fatty acids and Vit D

Oysters Zinc and Protein

Eggs = Zinc, Selenium, Sulfur and Iron

Sweet Potatoes = Vitamin A

Dark Leafy Greens = Spinach, Broccolic and Swiss Chard are loaded with Iron, Beta Carotene, Folate, Vitamin A and C

Nuts = Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E

Poultry = Protein, Zinc, Iron and B Vitamins

Beans = Protein, Zinc, Iron and Biotin

Yogurt = Protein, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D

Blueberries = Vitamin C and Antioxidants



If you have to pick just one thing from this list....please, please, please let it be this! Water is the best drink you can have to ensure your overall body health. It gets and keep things moving throughout and out of your system. It keep your body and organs hydrated. I promise you will see a major difference in not only your hair but your skin as well.

A Vegan and Vegetarian post will be up soon!

Happy Hair!!!!


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