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Microscopic Scalp Analysis and Treatments Available Now

I am so happy to finally be able to bring you a cutting edge new service. Since I received my certification as a Hair Loss Practitioner, I have been working hard to create new Hair Loss Treatment services for you!

What is a Microscopic Scalp Analysis?

The cause of hair problems usually lies at the root of the hair in and around the bulb. where the root grows and reproduces. The analysis is a microscopic investigation of top potential or current problems with your hair's health. The Microscopic Analysis allows me to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells. A close analysis allows me to identify common problems, such as dirt and styling product build-up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, and lack of hair nutrition. The analysis works for men and women. Having the analysis performed is simple and convenient. Many hair problems can be managed with specified treatments and products designed to cleanse and treat.

What does the new services include?

Scalp Analysis:

This includes a full consultation covering personal and family history. Next I will do an initial Microscope Analysis, using a digital microscope with 800x magnification camera. This allows me to see what going on on the surfac and beneath the first layer of scalp skin.

Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment:

This includes a full consultation covering personal and family history. We will then proceed into the Microscope Analysis. Next I will perform a XTC Scalp Prep Exfoliation. This is a exfoliating liquid used to break down sebum, dirt and debris that clogs the hair follicle and clings to the hair strand. This is massaged in the scalp and remains on the scalp for 20 minutes. After 20

minutes, the next step is XTC Bio-Cure Shampoo with DHT Inhibitors. Now that the scalp is thoroughly cleansed, this shampoo is able to effectively wash away sebum, dirt and debris, while allowing the 11 DHT Inhibitors to penetrate into root of the hair. Now that the hair and scalp is cleansed we can condition. Using the XTC Nourish+Conditioner to restore moisture to the scalp and hair. Once hair is rinsed, I will blow-dry hair and follow up with a second microscopic view of the scalp to show you just how clean your scalp and hair is. You will already feel a difference but seeing is believing.

These services ar benefical to anyone suffering from hair issues, wheather balding, thinning, dry scalp, lackluster hair. Going down to the mircoscpic level allows you to really see what going on. Also allows me to give you the best solution to treat your condition.

Sound great right?! Not only will your scalp and hair be clean but we have now prepared the perfect environment for potential hair growth.

Happy, Healthy Hair!!


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