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If you follow me on Instagram (you should, @courtneyfosterbeauty) you probably have seen my #NoDeadEnds2017 hashtag on a few of my posts. I've been so busy freeing the masses of dead ends, I haven't been able to blog like I want too. It's a daunting task but someones got to do it and I'm up for the challenge.

SIDEBAR**** For the month of Feburary all SILK PRESS AND HAIRCUTS ARE $105 take advantage so you can continue this year on the right hair track.

As you can see from the image below, a hair cut made a hugh difference. This client hadn't had a decent hair cut in over a year. Her split ends traveled up her hair shaft so everytime she combed her hair it would break off. NOT GOOD!

Since starting #NoDeadEnds2017, I have many clients coming in for haircuts. It's important to get a good haircut...and not just a trim. An actual cut will do away with the damage. You hair will feel and look healthier and thats the goal...right? In one of my past blog posts I talked about being more concerned with the Health of your hair rather than the length. After all "The BEAUTY of Hair Begins with Health" I stand by this in everything thing I do. Many clients are afraid they will loose their "long hair" but what they think is long hair is actually damaged hair. Now, your hair will still grow with split ends, but the damage will travel up the hair shaft faster than your hair can grow, so you will always see those spaces and gaps at the ends (like my client above) You can stop the damage from spreading by CUTTING IT OFF! (I'm not yelling..I promise)

I included pictures of a few of the clients that have claimed "#NoDeadEnds2017" so you can see what a difference a haircut can make They are incredible!. I'd love the next picture to be of YOU!!!!

(Images are from Instagram @courtneyfosterbeauty)

Until next time,

Happy Hair!

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