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My Favorite Oil for Hair..NEEM OIL

I get asked alot about my favorite oils to use for hair. Since there are so many out there it can be hard to choose the right one for your hair dilemma. On my old blog I had a chart detailing what certain oils did for the hair, whether its moisturizing or sealing. I will post the image down below for you. The video below was made to let you know how I use NEEM for my clients. ENJOY!

So to answer the question, my favorite oils is NEEM oil. It's ANTI: Inflammatory, Fungal, Bacterial, Septic, Viral, everything needed to keep scalp skin in good health allowing it to grow healthy hair strands from the root.

Here are my top 3 healthy hair and scalp benefits of NEEM:

1. Hair Growth:

This is the main reason I use NEEM. It has high levels of antioxidants that protects that scalp from free radicals. It regenerats and supports heathly cell division that stimulate follicle growth and function.

2. Dandruff and Itchy Scalp Control:

Because it has anti-fungal properties, it aids in controling and treating dandruff, which is a form of fungus. The anti-inflammatory and antispetic effects help soothe scalp irritation and redness.

3. Conditions Hair:

Hair that is under-norished and dry benefit from NEEM because it is loaded with Linoic, Oleic and Stearic Acids which are moisturizing fatty acids. These acids help condition and norish the hair and scalp. If used as a treatment, hair will appear shiner and feel smoother and silky.

FYI: NEEM oil STINKS!!! I cant stress this enough.. It smells horrible, like rancid coffee beans. You have to really wash it out of your or your clients hair. Then follow up with a really good high quaility conditioner.

Here is the chart that shows you what oil you should be using for Moisturizing and Sealing. Not all oils are created equal so you'll need to know which one will combat your situation. You might be using a sealing oil thinking it moisturizing but you end up looking very greasy (not a good look) I hope this helps. I might do an indepth post about this..not sure yet since the chart is self explanatory.

Happy Hair! Courtney



Courtney is the most talented stylist I've ever gone to. I came in for a silk press & trim today and  got so much more. My hair has never felt so soft. It's hard being natural sometimes and you can easily let your hair go but Courtney was highly informative, educated on hair care and made me aware of each step in the process. She has really brought my hair back to life  I've already made my next appointment!

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