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Shrinkage = Healthy Hair

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

"Shrinkage is the hair devil", says all natural clients everywhere. I get it and I've experienced it. We spend our time and money getting a fancy silk press, just to have a single drop of water touch our hair and it shrinks into a curly tight fro'.

Shrinkage of natural hair is actually a good thing. It's a sign of healthy hair. It means your hair is able to retain and hold moisture. Consider it your hair's snap back after heat styling. If it doesn't snap back then you have heat damage and that is an entirely different conversation (you'll be wishing for shrinkage then.)

"Shrinkage makes my hair seem short" says all natural clients everywhere. Yes that's true and unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about that. There are however many different methods to stretch hair, whether a silk press, threading, banding, etc.

The beauty of natural hair is knowing that small fro is actually shoulder/bra length hair ready to blow in the wind...fabulous! Natural hair is wonderful.

The main concern of hair should be health and not length. Straighter and longer is not always better and with hair extensions, such as weaves, wigs, etc you can achieve a straight look without the possibility of damage to your hair.

Embrace your shrinkage, it's good for you because like I always say 'The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health"

Happy Hair!!


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