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"FALL" into Beautiful Hair

Fall is the season for beautiful hair. Courtney Foster

Beauty wants to make sure your hair is repaired from Summers harsh weather. This service of the month ensure optimal scalp and hair health.

Providing instant and remarkable results,

L'ANZA Ulimate Treatment is a 3 step Deep Treament system that restores maximum health and shine to the hair. The 3 step process includes:

1-Chelating Shampoo - A deep cleansing shampoo that is stronger then a clariying shampoo. Its designed to remove minerals, metal and chlorine, which causes damage to th hair and makes color fade faster.

2-Deep Treatment - an advanced nutrient delivery system that carries powerful vitamins, proteins and healing actives into hair for optimal conditioning.

*Additives - Depending on what the hair is lacking, an additives is added to the Deep Treatment.

1- Strength - Restores weak, fragile hair. Contains potent doses of proteins & amino acids to boost strength & reduce hair breakage

2-Volume - Provides the necessary vitamins and essential minerals to thicken each hair strand and build noticeable body and volume.

3-Mositure - Moisturizes dry, rough, depleted hair. Infuses abundant humectants, emollients, lipids & essential fatty acids to improve softness and shine

3-Power Protector - an effective leave-in conditioner that locks-in nutrients, re-balance the pH levels and protects from damaging elements such as heat, chemicals, friction, pollution, UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Book your appointment now to experience this wonderful restorative treatment now!

Happy Hair!!

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