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International Beauty Show 2016 Recap

So the International Beauty Show (IBS) was last weekend. This is where beauty professionals from everywhere take over New York City for 3 days. IBS is the place to be! When I was a beauty buyer back in the day, I went to IBS almost every year to scout new and innovative products and tools to bring to my customers. Now that I am a cosmetologist I attend IBS alittle differently. I still want to find mind blowing products but now I attend for the valuable information that I didn’treally need as a buyer, like watching a cutting technique demo, or a weave install seminar. For me now, this is where the meat of IBS is. As beauty professionals we love a new flat iron, a new blow dryer or new shears. But what’s really valuable are the classes that are offered. Some of the classes are investments as they cost a pretty penny. However they are soo worth it. I’d pay to hear Ted Gibson tell me how to do a $900 hair cut, yes sir! Or, the balayalge king, Guy Tang, demonstrate his covenant highlighting technique. And, if you can’t afford the classes, there are plenty of free classes and platform demos that are just as good.

I spent over 4 hours just walking, watching and talking. I went to the show as Press for my blog and TV show “Behind the LOOK”. IBS is the perfect place to network with other professionals. I connected with a lot of people who are like minded with a passion for hair and hair care. The place was crawling with knowledge, you just have to be open to introducing yourself to a perfect stranger and starting a conversation. There is already a common interest…HAIR!

I’ve inserted some of the pictures I took of the show and of the products I purchased. I couldn’t be surrounded by beauty goodies and not get anything..

My friend Ted Gibson! When I was a buyer I would tell Ted over and over that I wanted to do hair, he would tell me over and over that I should go for it. After changes in my corporate career, I decided to go for it! Best advice and decision. I am putting together a interview with Ted to talk about his new haircare line, “Starring”. I’ve been hearing great things about it so I’m looking forward to getting to speak with him.

I am taking Trichology courses online with The World Trichology Society, so I was happy to meet the founder, Dr Philip Kingsley. He gave me some insight on how my studies will come together once I get further along in my chapters. Right now I reading about biology, chemistry and physics, the boring stuff but still useful. I’m ready to jump into the structure of hair, but I have to follow the process, I guess…

I literally stalk Kelley Baker everyday on Instagram (@kelleybakerbrows). She has an awesome way of doing brows that makes them look airbrushed. I wish there was a studio in NYC. I purchased 2 brow pencils that I am in love with. I always try to keep my brows on #fleek but these pencils are making them look extra #fleeky. I stayed and watched her (free) demo and was in awe. We chatted a bit afterwards before we took the above picture. She is so sweet. She also agreed to an interview for the blog so stay tuned for that as well.

I’m so proud of my former Empire classmate, Donielle. She’s doing big and great things in this industry. She just launched her second wig-making seminar. I plan on taking her next class because as stylist we should always support each other. #stylistsupportingstylist

Here’s what I purchased. I went by the lovely ladies at Denman Brushes. I love these brushs especially for natural hair. The iconic orange brush makes blowouts much easier. It literally glides thru the hair no matter how coarse it is. The other two brushes I picked up are styling brushes and are great for wigs and weaves. They also had the orange brush in a mini key chain version that I thought was soo freaking cute. I bought a few to give to my clients.

I also stopped by this booth with a bunch of different weaving accessories called Meka Accessories. This line is owned by Tomeka James, a cosmetologist, educator and over all super woman. I chatted with her for several minutes and got to know more about her line and her beauty empowerment group. I even met a few ladies that are part of the group. (here’s an example of the power of networking) Once I get some more info I’ll do a post on Tomeka and the group. One of the item I purchased that I’m excited about is called the “weave assistant”. It’s the gold base and stick contraption. It is genius, especially if you do a lot of weaves like me. The spool of thread goes through the stick and the needles stick to the two magnet discs in the front. So you never have to worry about where to put your needles and thread. I can’t wait to set it up on my station. From Meka, I also picked up a razor comb (not pictured becuase I used it at work already) and small scissors to remove intalls and cut thread.

Overall, I had a great time at IBS. Next year, I want to make sure I attend all three days instead of just one. I also want to take more classes. I encourage all beauty professionals to attend trade shows and classes. They really enhance life as a professional because we always need to stay on top of the ever-changing trends in our industry. And its just good to be in a room filled with creative souls that understand each other. Maybe I’ll see you at a show!

Until next time….Happy Hair!


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