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Business and Beauty Behavior

Hi Beauties,

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Business and Beauty Behavior event at The Park 112 bar lounge in Harlem. What an amazing event. The panel of speakers were offering up their knowledge and experience in the beauty industry.

The panel consisted of Cynthia Alvarez (@cynthiaglam), Bobby of Hair by Bobby and Bobby Does My Hair (@hairbybobby, @bobbydoesmyhair), J. Alexander Martin Co-Founder of FUBU (@afashionmind), Stafani Milano, Fashion Blogger and Stylist (@stafanimilano) and Traci Washington, Educator at Empire Beauty School (@traci_washington).

The event was hosted by Empire Beauty School (my beauty school!) Hair By Bobby ,The Chopped Mobb, New York State Black Chamber of Commerce and 6Degrees Media Group

Each of the panelists gave personal and professional experiences on how they got their start in this industry and what they do to continue to stay on top of their game. The information was priceless. Normally panel sessions/workshops like this costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, but the ticket for this event was between $20-$30. I was very impressed with the amount of information that was shared and how gracious each panelist were. After the discussion, they all stayed to take more questions and pose for pictures with the attendees. What I loved the most was the individual attention each person received when it was their turn.

I love it when stylist share their knowledge. More often than not, especially in this industry “how to make it” is a guarded secret. Some stylist believe if they share how they got to a certain level, someone is going to take their spot at the top. Not realizing that when someone shares their experience, their craft and gift, they will be blessed with more. I am a firm believer that when you give, you receive. One of the questions last night was how to gain more clientele and not lose clients (when they are trying you) when there are so many salons and stylists. Bobby answered the questions perfectly. He said a client that is for you is for you. There are millions of people in this world and there is someone out there for you that will love your work. I couldn’t agree more. What is meant for you is for you and no one else.

Everyone has a gift that someone is looking for. Just keep doing your part, continuing your education, perfecting your craft and staying in faith, your clientele will come. I am an example of this. My clientele is growing and I am happy for every single client and opportunity I receive to make someone beautiful.

All in all, I had a wonderful time at Business and Beauty Behavior. I networked with not only the panelist, but some wonderful stylists and salon owners. I had the opportunity to share my Trichology studies and experience with the audience and even had a few young ladies come up to me to get my feedback and more details because they too are thinking of taking classes. My goals (and dream) is to be on a panel discussing hair loss, hair disorders and protective styling revolving women of color.

I encourage future professionals and current professionals in all areas of the beauty industry to take part in different events like Business and Beauty Behavior because its an eye-opening experience that will most certainly take your career to the next level.

Until next time…Happy Hair!

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