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Winter Is HERE! Is your hair ready??

I think it safe to say that "Winter Is Here"! Luckily there are no White Walkers or flying fire breathing dragons amongst us! (Game of Thrones fans!)

Haircare is definitely not the first thing on anyone’s mind when it comes to winter (its always on mine) but I thought about all we do to get ourselves ready for winter, that most ladies may not have a winter plan for their hair.

Preparing your hair for winter is easy and can be done before winter hits (which is preferred) or even during. Below are some sure-fire ways to “Winterize” your tresses for optimum health and moisture.

  1. Increase Conditioner treatments – I LOVE conditioning treatments. Making sure your hair is well moisturized will lessen the chance of dryness from the bitter cold air outside, high heat inside and breakage from the friction of removing hats and scarves (if your hair is long) Whether is a standard conditioner, deep conditioner with a treatment masque or steam treatment, you can't go wrong with bumping up these services from once a month to 2 or 3 times a month. Your hair will thank you.

  2. Protective Styles – Whether its a weave, braids or a wig, protective styling allows your hair to be preserved for a number of weeks. Putting your hair "away" for the winter months also decreases stress from harsh winds, frequently changing temperatures. Now, just because you have a protective style does not mean your natural hair should go untreated. Make sure you are washing your hair often when in a weave or wig. And, make sure your do not keep the styles in for too long.

  3. Food – The old saying "you are what you eat" definitely applies to your hair. Just as your body needs nutrients your hair does as well. A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats will not only keep your hair healthy but will aid in consistent growth.. Also make sure you’re drinking half your weight in water!

These are just some quick tips to get your winter-hair preparations started. If you need more of a professional touch, book your appointment with me here!

Until next time –remember, 'The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health"


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